FX Glossary(Y)


Yen Appreciation

The raise in the value of Yen with regards to country’s currency other than Japan (US Dollar, Euro, etc.) For example, from $1= \110, that becomes $1= \100. [← → Weak Yen]

Yen bond

The yen-denominated bonds in a broader sense. In the Yen-denominated bonds, the Japanese government issue the Japanese bonds, the bonds issued by the ordinary Japanese companies, although the yen-denominated bonds issued by foreign companies is foreign bonds, in a narrow sense it refers to the Japanese government bonds. The Japanese government bonds is also called JGB (Japanese Government Bonds).

Yen Carry Trade

Borrowing the Yen funds of lower interest rates, to operate the trading by the assets that can expect higher yields.

Yield Curve

Yield curve. Mainly the curve showing the correlation of the government bonds to the yield (interest rate) and the amortization period.


The term used in the interbank market, for example, in the case of dollar/yen transaction, it means have “sold” dollars. You may also use "Given". On the contrary, if you “bought”, it refers to "Mine". [= Given ] [← → Mine]