FX Glossary(V)


Value Date

The Settlement date. In other words, it refers to the day when the traded currency will be exchanged. In the "dollar yen", it refers to the day to exchange the dollar fund and yen funds.

Verbal Intervention

The act of the government leaders and financial officials trying to design the market based on proposals, instead of actually performing the market intervention through buying and selling of currency


The violent Price movement status of the market.


The fluctuation ratio of exchange rate.


When launching a company acquisition, and the acquisition is aimed at the timing when the target company’s stock and bonds become cheaper. To get deeply involved to the management of that company and to sell after the corporation’s value increases, the higher yield slang to use when you make sarcastic remarks to a fund that aims to win. Vulture is derived from the fact that it aim to catch the prey, when it seems like getting weaker. It is also called "vulture funds".