FX Glossary(R)


Range-Trading Market

Within the upper limit (high) and the lower limit (low) has been determined and is the market to repeat the price movements. It is called a Range-trading market from the fact that the situation appears to be placed in a box[= Box Market]

Real Interest Rate

The interest rate discounted by the nominal interest rate inflation ratio. [→ Nominal Interest Rate]

Realized Gains

The possible profit obtained from approving the position. Profit occurred in the position that has not been settled, refers to appreciation. [→ appreciation]


The act to settle the selling position to the reverse buying and selling.[← → Resell]


The action to settle the buying position from the opposite trade. [← → Repurchase]


Many market participants refer to this as the easy to hold price range where many market participants recognize that the market price will not rise more than this. On the other hand, the easy to hold price range where many market participants recognize that the market price will not decline more than this, is called (support line). [← → Support Line]


In the operations and transactions, refers to the possibility of incurring loss. In general, it is being said that if there is high risk there is a possibility of a high return, and low return possibility from low risk. In going through the currency trading, it is important to be always aware of risk.


To defer the position. In the normal transactions in the foreign exchange market, although the position the customer is holding must be settled and deliverred after two business days, by doing the swap points payment receipt, you don’t have to worry about the expiration of the settlement by delivery receipt, it is possible to do the settlement any time by opposite trading. If your account has been rolled-over, although the margin and position can be updated by the closing price of the New York Close every day, in our company, so as not to adopt the roll-over on the customer’s account, we make it easier for you to calculate the profit and loss of the rate of actual position on hold without changes in the margin and alteration of position every day.