FX Glossary(G)



At the candlestick chart, when the gap was able to move up-and-down direction between a single candlestick and candlestick on the right next to it, that gap refers to the "Gap".


Gross domestic product. The total production of the value added in the country within a certain period of time. In statistics to overall understanding of the economy, GDP growth rate can be merit to economic growth.


The term that is being used in the Interbank market. For example, in case of dollar/yen transaction, it means [bought] the dollar. There are times that (Yours) is being used. Conversely, in case of [sold], they say (mine). [← → Mine] [= Yours]

Golden Cross/ Dead Cross

The two moving average line used In the technical analysis, the Golden cross is the moving average line of the short term omits the moving average of the long term from bottom to the top. On the contrary, Dead cross refers to the moving average line of the short term omits the moving average of the long term from top to the bottom. In general, in the case of Golden Cross, it takes a position to buy to be able to see "The most recent price trend has turned upward”, in the Dead cross, it takes the position to sell in order to see "The most recent price trend has turned downward”. However, by the way of taking the period of moving average line, because the shifting off of the price movement of the actual and the period to be crossed might occur, it may not work very well. You need to be careful.

Good Materials

Although the market moves in variety of factors, the materials, such as data and the things that they can do that became the do that became causes and factors of the changes. Conversely, the factors that drop the market are bad materials. In case of foreign exchange market, although the economic indicators of the country such as interest rates, stock prices, conflicts, speeches of the main people, international conflicts and natural disasters, because the market environment sometimes affect whether they become good or bad materials, caution is needed.


It means the order is valid for an indefinite period of time until the establishment.


The money that serves as collateral of trade. There are times it is being called “margin” by some traders.


Seven countries finance ministers and central bank governors meeting. The Seven countries (Group of Seven) refer to Japan, the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Canada. There is also the addition of Russia which is referred to as "G8". "G7" is being held three times a year as a general rule. The results of the meeting might have major impacts on foreign exchange markets and international financial markets.


Although the G7 (Group of Seven leading industrial nations finance ministers and central bank governors meeting. The US, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, and Canada) was originally a forum for consultation between the developed countries. Recently, it began to change the place of dialogue with the developed countries and the emerging countries. At first, consultations between Russia and the developed countries is done in the 1990. Russia formally participated in 1995 and it was then the G8 was concluded. And the next year in 1999, as a place for developed countries and the emerging countries of the finance ministers and central bank governor’s consultation, the G20 (finance ministers and central bank governors. US, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Sunday and acceleration and Australia, China, Russia, Brazil, India, Argentina, Indonesia, South Korea, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Turkey, the European Union) has been founded. This has been regarded as increasingly important in the future cooperation and dialogue of developed and emerging countries such as China.