FX Glossary(D)


Day Order

To avail the expiration date of the limit order until the New York closes on that day. If you put to Monday morning 7:00 am of Japan time, it will be valid before Tuesday 7:00 am. At the daylight saving time performed in this example it will be in effect until Tuesday 6:00 am just before the Japan time.

Day Trade

To close the position in trading on the same day. It is also called “intra-day buying and selling”, “intra-day trade”.


In the Foreign exchange market, it refers to those people who actually do the trading, such as with the financial institutions.


To do the foreign exchange transactions. Although in general, it is distinguished as in the stock market, dealing is doing the trade in your own consideration, but to trade through the client’s calculation is broking, in the foreign exchange market, even if you are trading for your own account, trading in the customer’s account is also called Dealing.


That rate will fall suddenly. In English, meaning the thought of suddenly "sinking (birds).

Direct Dealing (D.D.)

In the interbank trading, it is said to be the banks directly dealing with each other without going through a broker and electronic broking.


This refers to the case if the futures market gets cheaper than the spot rate. In reverse case, it is called Premium. [← → Premium]

Discount Rate

The discount rate indicates that the rate for converting the future value to the present value. It is used in various situations in the financial markets, the discount rate the US Federal Reserve Board (FRB) is the interest rate to impose when lending funds to commercial banks.

Dollar Bull

Dollar bull is when you have a strong feeling against the dollar (dollar rises), when you have a bearish feeling (dollar fall), it is called “Dollar bear”.

Dollar Cost Averaging

If we buy every month a fixed amount, such as stocks and currency, when the price fell it is possible to purchase big quantity, because we can only purchase small quantity the price gets high. This is called suppressing the cheaper average cost. However, if this is the long-term upward trend, although it is said to be effective investment law, if it is in long-term declining trend, and resulted in repeated nanpin, a negative side may also surface.

Dollar Long

Dollar long is having the status to buy dollar, and the having the status to sell dollar is called Short dollar. It’s a way of using long is to buy, short is to sell.

Dollar Peg

Refers to the country’s currency rate is link to the dollar fixed exchange rate system. The exchange rate against the dollar will be stable, the trade and investment will be able to perform smoothly. However, there is a disadvantage that it must follow the American interest rate policy in order to maintain the currency rate. The Peg system in the countries with weak economic foundation, the country of the currency rate, it is allowed to work to the currency that is economically of deep major powers of relationships in order to stabilize the economy


Referred to as the transaction has been established (Done). Usually, transactions which are “done”, cannot be undone

Dove, Pacifist

Speaking of "dove" in the exchange rate, the direction that cautious people take about the economic condition and it refers to the rate hike opponents. [← → Hawkish]