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What is US 30 (DJ 30)

US 30 (DJ 30) is the world's most noteworthy stock index in the United States.

Dow Jones chose a typical American stock and it is an average stock index indexed by its average stock price. In Japan it is sometimes called the New York Average Stock Price or the Dow Jones Industrial Average Stock Price.

Constituents of US 30 (DJ 30)

US 30 (DJ 30) is a stock index consisting of representative companies in the United States, characterized by being composed of internationally renowned companies. Among the financial sectors are American Express and Goldman Sachs, Chevron Corporation and Exxon Mobil Corporation for the petroleum sector and Travelers and United Health for the insurance sector. The well known credit card VISA is also a constituent stock.

There are Coca - Cola and McDonald 's well known in Japan in the food sector. Walt Disney who runs Disneyland boasting a large number of visitors at Japanese theme park is also one of US 30 (DJ 30). Wal-mart of retail trade and Nike of sporting goods, Verizon of the communication sector are also constituent stocks.

Aircraft Boeing, heavy equipment caterpillar, aerospace United Technologies, etc. are also US 30 (DJ 30). Merck, Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson of the world famous pharmaceutical industry are also constituent stocks. In this way, it is characterized by being composed of companies representing each industry. Many companies with a high profile in Japan also lead the current world economy.

Criteria for selecting US 30 (DJ 30)

Since US 30 (DJ 30) is an industrial stock average, it is named industrial stock. Looking at the constituent stocks though, it is not just industrial-related companies. For US 30 (DJ 30), all companies are eligible for selection unless it is a railroad or public enterprise. For the selection method of US 30 (DJ 30), Dow Jones Corporation will select 30 companies representing the United States. And considers choosing the company's future growth potential and interests of traders around the world.

It is common for stock indexes to be regularly replaced or reviewed. However, with regards to US 30 (DJ 30), there is no periodic review and it is replaced according to the time and period. Once configured in US 30 (DJ 30), stocks rarely change to maintain the reliability of the stock index.

By the way, the Apple Corporation which has long been performing well and has been the IT’s representative company, also fulfills the role of US 30 (DJ 30) recently. Although it is a company driving the world economy, it did not enter as the constituent stock of US 30 (DJ 30) because the performance was too good. US 30 (DJ 30) has only 30 issues, so if you compare with the constituent brands it will lead to a sharp rise in stock prices. As the share price declined due to stock split, Apple became the constituent stock of US 30 (DJ 30) as the risk of sudden rise of stock price became smaller.

Google, which has many users in the world and became a representative company in the United States, has not been elected US 30 (DJ 30) due to too high stock price. The stock price of the related stock of US 30 (DJ 30) is 100 to 200 dollars, while the stock price of Google exceeds 500 dollars. When a stock price decline of 10% occurs, the impact is $ 10 if it is $ 100, but $ 50 if it is Google. Because few companies make up, the degree of influence of the stock price of each company increases, so they would adjust it so that there is no big difference in stock price as constituent stocks.

History of US 30 (DJ 30)

DJIA historical graph

US 30 (DJ 30) is the most historical stock index existing since 1884. In terms of the long term, US 30 (DJ 30) continues to raise its price on the right and keeps updating high. In terms of short-term, it does not move steadily as it repeatedly rise and fall. The war has greatly influenced the decline of US 30 (DJ 30). After the occurrence of World War I, World War II, Cuba War, Korean War, Iraq War, Gulf War, it has been recording a significant declining rate.

From the beginning of the 21st century it is characterized by a significant decline in factors other than warfare. The collapse of the IT bubble that occurred in 2000, the Lehman shock that occurred in 2008, the Greek problem that occurred in 2010, and other factors contributed to the decline of US 30 (DJ 30). The decline rate with Lehman shock in particular was remarkable, but it has revived in about 3 years.

Even if there is a big decline, it can be said that the strength of the American economy is rebuilding. US 30 (DJ 30) is a brand that has a major impact on the world economy. As a result, there are not many stock indexes affected by the movement of US 30 (DJ 30). The FTSE 100 index which is representative of the UK, the Nikkei Average stock representative of Japan also has the same long-term movement and trend as US 30 (DJ 30).

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The future of US30(DJ30)

Currently, stock markets in the world are on the rise in stock prices. Even in countries with bad economies affected by the upward trend, are updating their stock price record. The upward trend has been attributed to the US strong economy, the financial sector and the momentum of the IT sector are particularly noticeable. It is expected that the momentum will not decline as there is the Google which cannot enter in US 30 (DJ 30) because of it’s high stock value.

Even with a record of short-term declines at the moment, it is expected to recover with the span of several years as before. This is backed by the fact that the balance of the brands of the stocks making up the US 30 (DJ 30) is well balanced and the performance is stable. The collapse of US 30 (DJ 30) also lead to the collapse of stock indices in each country. US 30 (DJ 30) plays an important role in terms of stabilizing the world economy.