Features of GEMFOREX’ Nikkei 225 trading

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GEMFOREX continues to pursue a comfortable environment of traders, and Nikkei 225 can be used with confidence by beginners and those experienced people in Forex under the MT 4 environment familiar to Nikkei 225.

What is Nikkei 225

It is the stock price index of the Nikkei Stock Average (Nikkei 225), which is briefly the average of the stock prices of 225 companies representing Japan (the 225 best stocks in Japan listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange). Based on the stock price of 225 companies representing Japan, the Nihon Keizai Shimbun calculates and publishes. It shows the state of the Japanese economy as well as the stock market. It is an important stock price index that is equal to TOPIX, and it is the stock index of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, which is the third largest stock exchange in the world. This is equivalent to the American Dow Jones Industrial Price Index Average Index.

To trade on that stock price index is called Nikkei 225 trading.

Unlike individual stocks of stocks and Forex (foreign exchange trading), the Nikkei Stock Average enters a lot of information in daily life, and it becomes hidden hint of the market among such trivial information. It is calculated from the stock price of the representative 225 stocks listed on the First Section of the TSE, and the Nikkei Average is an indicator that reflects Japan's economic power. Moreover, it can be said that it reflects the circumstances surrounding Japan's political economy, such as the highest value of 38,915 yen at the end of 1989 at the time of bubble, dropping to 7,162 yen in 2008 after Lehman shock.

Features of Nikkei 225 market

1: The market is easy to read

In the case of individual brand of stocks, the stock price is influenced by sudden IR information such as announcement of downward revision of business results, but the Nikkei average is affected by the influence of NY Dow, Nasdaq, CME (Chicago futures price) the day before. It is characterized by changes in the factors that is easier to understand compared to individual stocks, and even in day trading and mid- to long-term investment, the trend is easy to read and considered a very easy-to-read market.

Even in Forex, since values ​​often move greatly at the time of announcing indicators, there seems to be many people who are traded in conjunction with foreign exchange trading.

2: Aim for profit even at falling market price

Unlike spot stocks, Nikkei 225 handled by GEMFOREX is CFD trading, so you can enter from both buying and selling so you can aim at profits even at falling prices.

In the scene where the market responds greatly to the information flowing in the news, most of them fall down, so it seems that the Nikkei 225 trading that can aim at profit at that timing seems to be similar to exchange trading, and it is said that it is easy to understand scenes that can aim the profit rather than currency trading from trivial information even going up and down.

3: You can buy and sell at any time 24 hours

Unlike Nikkei 225 futures, CFD Nikkei 225 adopted by GEMFOREX can be traded 24 hours a day at any time. Those who are working during the day as well as salaried workers can also deal slowly after returning home. In addition, CFD Nikkei 225 of relative trading has high liquidity, there is no risk such as "I cannot buy it when I want to sell", like a spot stock. It is also attractive to always trade at the price of the market

4: The price does not become 0.

As Nikkei 225 indexes the stock price of 225 companies representing Japan, there is no risk that virtually everything goes bankrupt and the price will be 0 yen. The point that you do not have to consider bankruptcy risk like a cash stock trading is a merit.

5: There is no need to select brands (Nikkei Stock Average only)

Although trading on individual brand of stocks is also an attraction of equity investment, it consumes time and mentality to collect that information. Since Nikkei 225 will be the stock price index of 225 companies representing Japan, there is no need to select stocks. Since it is an index which is regarded as an expectation value of the Japanese economy, it will be an investment method to read the index of Japan from the market.

6: Become a risk hedge of cash equities

Having multiple individual stocks has the same meaning as holding a position in multiple currencies as referred to in currency trading, which leads to risk hedging. If you have multiple stocks of individual stocks, Nikkei 225 which can be entered from selling can also play the role of risk hedging of holding stock stocks because it can offset the loss of the actual stock.