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What is NASDAQ (US100)

The American stock market is roughly divided into New York exchanges and Nasdaq exchanges. Nasdaq is a market opened as the world's first electronic market, meaning a over-the-counter managed issue quotation automatic notification system. It attracted attention as an exchange targeting venture companies.

Initially the New York market was a typical stock exchange, but many venture companies and IT companies that were listed when the Nasdaq was born have become large organizations in many cases. A company that grew into a big company representing the world remains, creating a huge exchange.

The US 100 is a stock index composed of the top 100 market capitalization among the 3000 stocks listed on Nasdaq. The feature is that the financial sector is out of the standard, and it is also a standard of inclusion to have more than 200,000 shares per day. And others, a condition that it has been two years since listing, that bankruptcy proceedings have not been done, and that it is only listed on the Nasdaq.

About NASDAQ (US 100) stock exchange

The constituent stocks of US 100 are replaced every December. If the issue is in the US 100, the market capitalization remains within the top 100 rank. Whatever the situation, when the market capitalization becomes lower than 125th place, it is excluded from the constituent stock. Regarding the newly incorporated stocks, it is a mechanism that meets the selection criteria of US 100 and is chosen from stocks with the largest market capitalization.

Also, among the stocks that make up the US 100, when the market capitalization reaches the 125th position from the 100th position, if the market capitalization of the previous year is within the 100th place, there will be no replacement. If the market capitalization of the previous year is not within 100, it will be excluded from US100. In addition to the replacement in December, if stocks are out of the selection criteria, replacement will take place regardless of the time.

NASDAQ (US 100) constituents

Since the US 100 does not include the financial sector, it is characterized by a large difference in the sectors of the stocks that you see in the world stock index. In addition, if listed on NASDAQ, companies in the United States will also be covered, so Israel's pharmaceutical company Tepa and Chinese IT company Baidu are also included.

The top brand of the US 100 is Apple. IT devices including mobile terminals are circulating around the world, accounting for more than 10% of the US 100. Then, IT companies we are familiar in our daily lives, Microsoft, Oracle, Google, and Intel. Also, facebook company of SNS company which has achieved rapid growth in recent years is also one of the essential items of US100. Outside IT companies, there are Amazon retailer, Costco, and telecom provider Comcast. The US 100 IT companies is more than 2/3.

Features of NASDAQ (US 100)

NASDAQ 100 No labels

The US 100 is an important stock index for researching trends of representative companies in the world. In addition to the majority of IT companies, there is no financial sector with a large market capitalization, so the influence of IT companies will be transmitted directly to the index. By comparing with other stock indices, you can judge whether IT companies are being bought or sold rather than market average.

In addition to the fact that there are only 100 brands, there are many IT companies with large up-downs, so the stock index' price movements are large. The stock index being actively traded also in CFD, the world is closely watching the trend. Since the Lehman shock has occurred, it is the IT company that supports the economy of the United States. It is no exaggeration to say that the index of the US 100 embodies the situation of the American economy.

By the way, in the IT bubble that occurred in the late 20th century, the stock price of Cisco, Amazon, etc. rose 100 times, and the US 100 also recorded 5000 points. Later, the IT bubble collapsed, and it recorded almost 80% crash as compared with the IT bubble. It has never recorded such a sharp rise or fall, and it is a result indicating that America's biggest bubble was the IT bubble.

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The future of NASDAQ (US100)

The US 100 has a very great influence of Apple. In other words, it is expected that future movements of US100 will depend on Apple's market capitalization and stock price. At present, companies that follow Apple are unlikely to appear, and it is expected that the company will remain solid for the time being by developing and selling new mobile terminals.

Meanwhile, since the selection criteria of US 100 include not only American companies but overseas companies with large market capitalization, companies with large market capitalization are composed of US 100 stocks and the proportion changes, the effect of Apple Will be smaller. CFD trading is also characterized by more people trading on a short-term span than trading on a long-term span.

Since US 100 is a stock index supported by IT companies, it means a decline of IT company = US 100 decline. Looking at the performance of the related stocks and movements in the stock price is an important point in predicting the future of the US100. Also indirectly, the connection with the world economy is also great, so the US 100 will also decline as the world economy fails.