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What is ASX 200 (AUS 200)

ASX 200 (AUS 200) is one of the stock indexes on the Australian Stock Exchange.

It is the brand consisting of the top 200 market capitalization of the companies listed in Australia. The general market capitalization weighted average price index is used for calculation. The index is issued by the Dow Jones Index.

Economic circumstances in Australia

Speaking of Australia, it is famous for koalas, beautiful seas, air rose rock etc. When it comes to industry, it is known for abundant resources with high scarcity value, there are resources such as pink diamonds, iron ore and rare earths. It is deeply tied to Japan, and there are exchanges as a trading country.

In recent years, the ties with Asian countries such as China and India where economic growth is remarkable are getting stronger, and one of the reasons why Austrian economy is doing well is its good relations with Asia. Even in the world, Australia's economic growth is remarkable, its growth rate has been exceeding that of developed countries. The unemployment rate is also at a level of 5%, maintaining a state close to full employment for many years.

Hyper inflation easily occur when economy is steady. It is also known to cause economic turmoil by the sharp rise in prices. However, in Australia, because inflation target is set, this is used as a guide to adjust the policy rate, remarkable inflation is less likely to occur.

Features of the constituents of ASX 200 (AUS 200)

As Australia is a resource-rich country, the constituent's core is the resource sector compared to developed countries. On the other hand, the financial / service sector occupies the next highest weight. In each sector alone, it is more than 60% of ASX 200 sectors. By the way, the Australian stock market is over 1.2 trillion Australian dollars, the eighth largest market in the world.

Compared to the past, the development in the fields of finance and services has been impressive. In the finance which is said to have high risk, the stability of the system is top rated. Resources have risks of weather risk and production volumes vary from year to year, which is associated with volatility in production volumes. However, due to the momentum of the financial and service sectors, the risk of fluctuation due to the increase and decrease of the resource amount is getting smaller.

Factors related to the future of ASX 200 (AUS 200)

Population growth

Australia's population is increasing rapidly. The fact that the number of people is increasing is a positive factor in the economy and it is expected that the income of companies that make up the ASX 200 will increase as the population to become the foundation of the economy increases. In addition, the fact that there are not many elderly people, like developed countries, has also reduced the anxiety about the future of the economy. There are many young people, and the expectation of an increase in labor force also enhances expectations for the future economy.

Rich resources

The abundant resources in Australia are exported to all over the world. It is also characterized by various resources such as oil and gas, iron ore and coal. These resources are indispensable resources for infrastructure maintenance.

In Asia, the population is steadily increasing, and demand for consumer goods due to the construction demand and income of buildings and condominiums accompanying it, and demand for railways and electrical wires is anticipated. Abundant resources are important to support stocks that make up ASX 200. Since the stable demand is expected in the future, the uncertainty factor is getting smaller.

Chinese economy

In the 21st century, China is supporting the economy of Australia. If the Chinese economy stagnates, the impact on Australia's economy is to no small extent. In fact, China accounts for 30% of Australia's export proportion.

However, Australia also exports to many Asian countries such as Japan, India and Thailand. It is difficult to believe that the Australian economy deteriorates remarkably only by the slowing down of the Chinese economy. In fact, the number of countries in which the economy is stagnating in a way that is dragged down by China's economic slowdown is increasing, but the Australian economy is rising. It can be said that it is an indication that it is not dependent on China.

Industries other than resources

Australia is not a country that relies solely on resources, as financials and services account for the securities that make up the ASX 200. With population increase and infrastructure development, wholesale, manufacturing and insurance services are also strong. The Australian economy has the same structure as industrialized countries except for resources. It is expected that this trend will continue in the future.

Financial system

Banks in Australia are ranked with the highest ranking and are said to be more reliable than the world's leading banks. In addition to the high financial system, the Australian bank's funding accounts for more than half of individual deposits. That much, it shows that there are many wealthy families. This state also leads to the stability of the financial system and of the economy.


ASX 200 (AUS 200) is characterized by balanced sectors such as resources, finance, services, manufacturing, etc. Due to the strong economy of the whole of Australia, it is drawing attention as an investment destination. Because it trades with many countries, the small risk of unstable economy is attractive even if trouble with a specific country occurs.