Characteristics of GEMFOREX CFD trading

  • Directly connected to the stock market existing on earth
  • Actual Commodities (Futures commodity) and energy trading
  • Access to the world economy is realized from various countries
  • You can trade in the same way as Forex
  • Adopts MetaTrader 4 (MT 4)
  • No rejection and contract refusal
  • Absolutely No Hidden Markup
  • Realizes 99.79% of commitment within 0.78 seconds
  • The shortest 30 seconds account opening & Easy, speedy until start of trading

And more…
GEMFOREX continues to pursue a comfortable environment of traders, and CFD can be used with confidence by beginners and those experienced people in Forex under the MT 4 environment familiar to CFD.

List of CFD trading currently handled by GEMFOREX

What is CFD trading

It is an abbreviation of Contract for Difference, which is the difference in settlement trading. The Margin (guarantee deposit) is deposited as a financial instrument to a dealer. It refers to a transaction that trades by the difference in settlement by referring to the price or index of a financial product such as domestic and foreign currency, stock price or gold price which becomes the underlying asset.
Foreign exchange margin trading (Forex) is one of the difference settlement trading because it trusts margin and conducts leverage transactions, but in general, Forex trading is Forex, other stocks and stock indexes are CFD genres.