Our Execution

  • Lightning fast execution, average execution time of 99ms
  • Ultra-low latency cross-connection to liquidity providers
  • No requotes, no last look
  • Real time market execution with 99.99% order fills
  • Consistent liquidity pool across all our FX & CFD instruments.

All client trades are executed with superior trading conditions. Our network of liquidity providers and technological infrastructure allows us to provide you a with a low latency and fast execution trading environment.


Execution is a process of filling the requested buy or sell order of the trader.
Our robust systems are built to cope with a huge number of trades very quickly. We aim to provide 100% order fills using our in-house developed dealing system.

Order Type

You can place market, stop and limit orders using our exclusive trading platforms at any time when the market is open. Take the advantage of an excellent, one-of-a-kind ordering system in the industry.

※Depending on the clients’ environment, there is a possibility that the signal might be temporarily interrupted while using MT4. While the signal is unstable, we might not be able to respond to new orders or execute the pending orders. We recommend the clients to use stop loss for each order. Please understand if the scenario of the above happens, we do not compensate for any loss.

Trading Breaks

Due to high volatility before and after the NY market close, there is a daily trading break between 23:55 and 00:05 (MT4/5 server time).

No Hidden Fees

In order to maintain a healthy long-term partnership with our clients, we value full transparency and aim to provide a reliable trading environment for all types of traders. We commit to a no hidden fee approach.

Negative Balance Protection

In the unlikely event that the balance in your account becomes negative, the system ensures that you don’t end up with a negative balance. In the case you have made a deposit, after the balance is corrected, your initial deposit will be reflected.

*Unenforceable when holding a position.

Stop-out level

Stop-out level (automatic loss cut) is the level at which open positions are automatically closed to protect the safety of our clients’ funds.

If the margin level falls below 50%, we will make a margin call and when it falls to 20% or less the stop-out will be executed.

99.99% order fills within 0.1 seconds

Our technology is engineered for stability and scalability, giving you the edge in the competitive environment of the markets. Together with our infrastructure setup, we have built a low latency trading environment for you to make the best out of your trades.

Our order matching engine is located in the London Equinix LD4 data centers. In addition, our trading servers are co-located and cross fiber connected with liquidity providers which allows us to stream prices from multiple providers ensuring deep liquidity at all times.