I tried to compare leverage with an overseas FXOpen

The biggest advantage of using overseas Forex companies is that high leverage trading is possible. Leverage regulation in each country varies. For example in Japan, it can only be leveraged up to 25 times. Therefore, there are disadvantages that it is hard to trade with less funds. In overseas Forex, you can take advantage of high leverage and make big tradings even if your own funds are small. This time, we tried to compare leverage of FX Open and GEMFOREX.

FX Open possible with minor but stable trading

FX Open possible with minor but stable trading

FX Open is a minor overseas Forex broker that is not very famous in Japan. It is a well-established overseas Forex company boasting a familiarity as it is worldwide. The maximum leverage of FX Open is 500 times, the same level with other average overseas Forex companies. However, it’s the margin call that you need to be careful when doing high leveraged trading with FX Open. Margin call is a unique Forex system that you have to pay additional margin when you incur loss more than the margin. FX Open is saying there is no margin call, but if it the balance actually becomes negative, there is a mechanism that subtracts negative amount from the next deposit. Therefore, it can be said that there is actually a margin call. Thus, when doing high leveraged trading, it is more important than ever to choose an overseas Forex dealer without margin call. Attention is required when trading with FX Open.

FX Open is an overseas Forex broker better at steady trading using ECN account rather than of high risk, high returns that make use of high leverage. FX Open has a very low trading fee for ECN account and low spread. Because trading costs are very low, it can be said that it is suitable for scalping trade. However, there is no official website in Japanese and does not cover Japanese support. For people who are not good at English, hurdles to use will be high. For identity verification when registering an account, it is okay to submit a Japanese document, so if you are confident in English, you can use it without problems.

Zero cut system is the strength of GEMFOREX

GEMFOREX founded in Hong Kong in 2010 is new than FX Open, but it has a mid-level history among overseas Forex traders. The mother company is an automatic trading tool company. It is a popular overseas Forex trader with its original line such as free use of automatic trading tools provided by the company.

GEMFOREX maximum leverage 1000 times is overwhelmingly high among many overseas Forex brokers. Moreover, because it adopts the zero cutting system, even if you make a high leveraged trading and give out a loss, there is no negative more than the margin. In the unlikely event of loss, there’s no need to deposit a margin call, and the negative amount will be offset as the bonus of the next day. In this case it is possible to make a trade that relies heavily on high leverage without worrying about margin call.

The availability of over 100 kinds of automatic trading tools for free is also a substantial merit of GEMFOREX. Since the company which was originally developing EA tool is the mother body, it is very suitable for system trading using EA tools. Also, Japanese support is substantial, so you can eliminate anxieties and doubts right away.

The GEMFOREX with great benefits is a well-balanced broker

The GEMFOREX with great benefits is a well-balanced broker

When comparing FX Open and GEMFOREX, I learned that GEMFOREX got a better overall balance and an overseas Forex company that is easy to trade from beginners to advanced users. There is twice as much difference in leverage from 500 times to1000 times.

Looking at the difference in system with or without a margin call, I can say you could be confident enough to trade in GEMFOREX. Basically, FX Open is an overseas Forex dealer that is easy to match any trade style, but the merit worthy to that extent is also less.

GEMFOREX has its own advantages compared to others, such as a maximum leverage 1000 times high, many automatic trading tools that can be used for free. GEMFOREX offers Japanese language support as well as plenty of bonuses. If you want to enjoy overseas Forex, GEMFOREX is recommended for various exciting and balance trading.

Margin gift campaign now on hold

In the Margin gift campaign held in GEMFOREX, we are holding a margin gift campaign to customers who opened a new account in order to try without risk. You can do tha real trade with the margin that was presented without any deposit. Of course, the worth of profits is possible for withdrawal. By all means, please do try to experience the GEMFOREX.