I tried to compare leverage with overseas Forex company eToro

Making full use of high leverage is the real pleasure of overseas Forex.

It is no exaggeration to say that high leverage is the biggest merit of trading in overseas Forex traders. For example, it is regulated by law in Japan up to 25 times, but since overseas Forex dealers are not subject to regulation, the law of the country of residence never affects the level of leverage. This time, I tried to compare leverage of eToro with unique features among overseas Forex companies and GEMFOREX.

Unique eToro with SNS function

Unique eToro with SNS function

Overseas Forex companies introduce a user-friendly trade tool for each user. Among them, eToro this time introduces a unique trading platform that can trade with SNS environment, making it easy to understand and intuitive. eToro’s maximum leverage is 400 times, an average level compared with other overseas Forex companies. Therefore, if you trade with high leverage which is also the real pleasure of overseas Forex, you may feel that eToro's maximum leverage is unsatisfactory.

eToro includes a trading tool in which the exchange rate of each country is shown by animation, a Forex marathon tool in which currency characters race and a Forex match tool in which currency characters compete in a tug of war on the chart, there are many enriched tools that allow beginners to feel Forex trading sensibly. In addition to popular currency rankings and trading contests, there are also features like Twitter-like Forex exclusive SNS called "OpenBook", a function that is not often seen in other overseas Forex traders, including traders' chatting functions. Of course, among the tools that can be used for free, there are also systems that can mimic the methods of leading traders such as exchange rate movements and risk management, and many expert investors have many beneficial tools. It is a recommended overseas Forex dealer for beginners and those who want to enjoy Forex trade in a game environment.

GEMFOREX with available many EA tools for free

GEMFOREX is an oversea Forex trader with unique aspects different from eToro.

Speaking of Forex trading, discretionary trading is common by selling or purchasing on your own judgments, but GEMFOREX is an overseas Forex dealer with a strong system trade that uses automated trading tools (EA ). GEMFOREX is one of the overseas Forex traders whose leverage is overwhelmingly high among overseas Forex companies and is best suited for trading with high leverage.

GEMFOREX is an overseas Forex company originally born from a company that specializes in EA tool called Gem-trade.

For that reason, it is an overseas Forex dealer with the best affinity in the industry regarding EA tools. Since its establishment in 2010, it is supported by traders all over the world, using unique stance that it is strong against EA tools. The strength of GEMFOREX which can use over 100 kinds free EA tools for dealings over 500 dollars a month, but the system trade which uses 1000 times of leverage and EA tool is preeminent compatibility.

GEMFOREX is recommended if you want to enjoy a more strategic trade

GEMFOREX is recommended if you want to enjoy a more strategic trade

Both eToro and GEMFOREX are unique overseas Forex traders with their own functions and services. However, it can be said that eToro is a provider for overseas Forex beginners who emphasize easy-to-understand by visual and game elements. GEMFOREX is recommended if you want to enjoy strategic trade by making full use of EA tools and high leverage.

GEMFOREX leverage level is a big advantage, as there are few overseas Forex companies that can operate with a maximum of 1000 times high leverage.

Both GEMFOREX and eToro have substantial bonus schemes unique to overseas Forex traders, but GEMFOREX holds bonus campaigns with quite a few frequencies, so the profit is very high. In addition, because losses from trading are compensated by daily bonus, no damage beyond the margin will be issued. There is an image that Forex is scary as it gets over the margin when domestic loss occurs, but many overseas Forex traders including GEMFOREX do not have a follow-up, so you can enjoy trade with confidence. If you are challenging high leverage trading unique to overseas Forex or system trade, those with their own strengths like GEMFOREX is recommended.

Margin gift campaign now on hold

In the Margin gift campaign held in GEMFOREX, we are holding a margin gift campaign to customers who opened a new account in order to try without risk. You can do tha real trade with the margin that was presented without any deposit. Of course, the worth of profits is possible for withdrawal. By all means, please do try to experience the GEMFOREX.