About Margin and Leverage of GEMFOREX

One of the most attractive features of Forex trading is that the traders can take an advantage of the leverage to maximize their earning potential. With leverage you can trade large amount with small funds.

At GEMFOREX we provide,

  • Maximum leverage up to 1,000
  • Negative balance protection
  • Real time risk monitoring
  • No change of margin rate over night or on the weekend
  • Rich and various campaigns
  • Segregated fund management to ensure the security

And more. GEMFOREX continues to provide a comfortable trading environment for the clients. For beginners and those who are considering forex trading for the first time, our service has made it safer and easier for you.

About Margin

To start Forex trading you will need to open an account and deposit a certain amount of money. This deposit is called "margin".

“Margin” is necessary to start Forex trading. Margin plays a role as collateral for trading.
The margin that you deposit can usually be 1/10 to 1/20 of the transaction amount, so the biggest feature of Forex is that you can trade very efficiently.

About leverage

Leverage means 「a lever」. Lever can lift big items with small force.

Leverage, which is the biggest feature of Forex, can be put on collateral funds (Deposit), you can trade with bigger funds and expect big returns!

For example, if your leverage 10 and your margin is 1million JPY, the tradable amount will be in fact 10 million JPY.

Of course, while pursuing the return of this investment, the same amount of risk may apply. Therefore, although it is said that "Forex is risky", if you understand well the mechanism of leverage and the characteristics of the Forex trading, you can take advantage of opportunities and control risks to a smaller degree. Please keep in mind that using leverage is a high-risk high-return activity, use the mechanism well and you can enjoy Forex trading!

Take advantage of the industry’s highest level of leverage, trave with maximum 1000 leverage.

In GEMFOREX, it’s possible to trade at 1,000 times leverage, the highest level in the industry. ※ When the account balance is 20,000USD or more, the maximum Leverage you can use is 500. At GEMFOREX, it is now possible to trade with maximum 1,000 leverage, the highest leverage in the industry.
High leverage is often considered as a symbol of high-risk, but in fact, it has become quite the opposite.

For example, if you want to trade 10,000,000 JPY,
With 10 times leverage, you will need 1 million JPY of margin
With 1,000 times leverage, you will need 10K JPY of margin
It becomes respectively necessary when you want to trade more volumes with less deposit.

In addition, at GEMFOREX, if the margin balance (account balance) becomes negative, as we provide negative balance protection, your account will be fixed within 60 minutes.

We offer the highest leverage in the industry, that our clients can maximize their chances to make a bigger profit. Even for the beginners and those who are considering forex trading for the first time, our service has made it safer and easier for you.