Wallet Account

A wallet account is a deposit account that can be used to make emergency deposits.
It is a deposit account for deposits (fund transfers) and withdrawals only.

How to open an account

・When you open a new account (MT4, MT5, etc.) and log in for the first time, your wallet account will be granted automatically.

●	How to open an account

Deposit Method

The deposit method will remain the same as before, but a "wallet account" will be added to the deposit address.
Please deposit to the required account from your wallet account, MT4, or MT5 account.

Deposit Method

*Deposits to your wallet account are not eligible for the bonus.
*Depositing funds from your wallet account to your MT4 or MT5 account is also not eligible for the bonus.

Withdrawal method

Withdrawals can be made by applying for withdrawal as in the case of existing accounts.


*Withdrawals from your wallet account are subject to a withdrawal fee of 4,500 yen ( *45 USD for USD accounts) at your expense, regardless of the frequency of withdrawals.


・Deposits and withdrawals from MT4 and MT5 accounts to your wallet account will be treated as fund transfers.
・IB's reward will be reflected in the same place as before.