GEMFOREX Signal Provider Terms of Use

The GEMFOREX Signal Provider Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as "These Terms") regulates the relationship between GEMFOREX Operators (the "Company") and the SP as defined in the main text of our signal provider (herein after referred to as SP).

Article 1 Definition

The definitions of these terms in this agreement are as follows.

1: User Individuals and corporations that opened accounts at GEMFOREX operated by the Company.
2: Signal Provider Program The user who opened an account to GEMFOREX through Mirror Trade Service provided by GEMFOREX is a mechanism that pays a predetermined reward as a consideration in using the strategy provided by SP.
3: Signal Provider Reward Consideration to be paid to the SP separately set up in advance by the SP program.

Article 2 How to register SP

The registration of an SP account is completed by establishing a real account of GEMFOREX with all the conditions of this agreement, and registering with a signal provider from My page.

Article 3 SP Reward

The SP fee is 0.5 pips for each trade transaction of the user of the strategy provided by the SP. This will be paid on the 5th of the month following after the next closing the end of this month, and will be reflected to the signal provider's GEMFOREX account. However, it will be payable only if it exceeds 5,000 yen. If it is less than 5,000 yen, it will be carried over the next month or later. After that, you can get the reward by requesting for withdrawal to the financial institution you registered. It is necessary to submit documents accompanying the opening of an account by the time you withdraw money. Our company is the principal for the payment to SP. In addition, payment of the SP fee shall be made on the specified date, but due to payment processing between other countries, it may be delayed from the schedule. In addition, we are not responsible for delays in payment.

*Reward is not applicable to bonuses given to traders.
*Settlement within 5 minutes is not covered by EP reward.

Article 4 Cancellation of SP registration

  1. SP registration cancellation can be done by applying to us from the inquiry form.
  2. Even after SP registration, please acknowledge that there may be cases where registration may be canceled without prior notice from us.

Article 5 Maintenance of services

Maintenance of services shall be carried out regularly or irregularly. SP will not give an objection to the suspension of service during that time.

Article 6 Protection of Confidentiality and handling of personal information

  1. The Company shall not publicly disclose SP registration information that can be known through this agreement and transaction data obtained through the program without SP's prior approval. However, in the case of known information, such as when court, police or other administrative agency orders or investigations, are excluded. In addition, the SP agrees that the Company may notify the user of the registration information of the SP as necessary in operation.
  2. Statistical information aggregated across all SPs can be used / announced.
  3. The SP shall not disclose to the third party the information on the technical, business, business, etc. of the Company and the advertiser's members that he/she learned in connection with this service. However, information that is known is excluded.
  4. We shall properly handle personal information of SP in accordance with "personal information protection policy".
  5. We shall not disclose anything other than registered name / e-mail address when making e-mail contacts on our system.

Article 7 Period of Agreement

The term of this Agreement shall be one year from the Company's SP registration date and this Agreement will be renewed for a further one year unless there is an intention to terminate the contract from either party, at least 30 days prior to the end date of the contract. The same shall apply thereafter.

Article 8 Cancellation of SP registration

The Company may terminate the contract between the Company and the SP by canceling the registration of the SP if the following events occur.

  • It is judged that it is impossible to contact by e-mail due to reasons such as 3 or more mails not reaching SP.
  • When the company judge that it is not suitable for SP.

Article 9 Elimination of Registration Strategy

We regularly review the registration strategy and we can delete the registered strategy at our discretion as well as those that do not have significant results at the time of reexamination.

Article 10 Prohibited acts

All of the acts that are detrimental to our company

Article 11 Forced termination of agreement and Confiscation of Reward fee

  1. The Company shall be able to terminate this Agreement for any of the following reasons without any notice.
    1. If SP does not comply with the terms of this Agreement
    2. When SP is conducting illegal acts
    3. When SP is conducting prohibited acts
    4. When it is discovered that you are registering SP by making a false name of registered name or changing name.
    5. When it is found that you are registering SP with multiple names
    6. Disadvantages to users due to bugs, deficiencies, troubles, etc. of registration strategies and delivery signals
    7. And others, that we determined to be deem inappropriate.
  2. In the event that the agreement is forcibly terminated for the reason stated in the preceding paragraph, the Company shall confiscate the success reward incurred on the SP and refuse any payment at all.

Also in this case,

  1. Already paid success reward and the same amount of penalty
  2. Reimburse to users
  3. In case of making judicial proceedings such as lawsuits or any other expenses related thereto (including attorneys' fees)

These can be claimed to the SP.

Article 12 How to Communicate

  1. In principle, the communication between SP and the Company shall be conducted on e-mail and IB exclusive management screen. Also, during the contract period, SP cannot refuse this mail.
  2. In principle, the communication between SP and the Company shall be conducted by e-mail and telephone. Also, during the contract period, the SP cannot refuse this e-mail as long as it is deemed necessary for us to conduct the network business.
  3. The Company shall be able to conduct business communications and business guidance necessary for service operation to the SP by mail.

Article 13 Suspension, change, modification, addition, deletion of service

We shall be able to stop, change, modify, add or delete service contents at any time.

Article 14 The qualifications as SP shall be as follows

  1. The information at the time of application to SP is not false.
  2. You have read and agreed to comply with this agreement
  3. The data and information to be provided to the network after the program starts must not be false.
  4. Must not have forced withdrawal from our SP service in the past
  5. To extend communication with our company and between users with respect to courtesy.

Article 15 Registration / approval

The Company shall approve it based on the information that the SP applies at the time of registration. At the time of approval and afterwards, the SP shall assume full responsibility for loss, damage, etc. caused by false declarations or acts of the SP.

Article 16 Copyright

All the strategies provided by SP that can be used through our Mirror trade service shall not have any copyright issues. We will not bear any responsibility if copyright issues arise between SP and third parties.

Article 17 Limitation on Warranty

The Company shall strive to maintain stability with the utmost efforts to the results of its service, its operation, its use and usage, but does not guarantee the following.

  1. The service shall operate without stop and without problems.
  2. Defects shall always be repaired.
  3. That destructive components such as computer viruses shall not exist in the service.
  4. A sufficient security method for these is provided.

Article 18 Limitation of Liability

If this Agreement is terminated in the middle of the period, neither party shall be held liable for damages against the other party regardless of the cause of its termination. The same shall apply even if the other party warned in advance about the possibility of such loss or damage. This damage includes all damages, such as profits, indirect damages, etc.

Article 19 Force Majeure

In the event of nonperformance by reasons beyond reasonable control of the parties, including but not limited to natural disasters, inactions of authorities, fire, strikes, floods, plagues, riots or war acts, neither party is entitled to this contractual obligation . We shall not be held responsible for delayed performance or impossible performance.

Article 20 Jurisdiction

  1. These Terms and the applicable laws of this Agreement shall be the laws of the operating country.
  2. This agreement and litigation relating to this Agreement shall be interpreted under the laws of the country of operation of the Company and not in accordance with the laws of the user's country of residence. When a dispute arises between us and the user, we will discuss with both sides and aim for dismissal, but if we decide that it is difficult to solve, we agree to make it the court owned by our country of operation in accordance with the appeal.

Article 21 Revision of Terms and Conditions

This agreement and conditions may be changed and revised from time to time without consent of SP under our discretion.

(June 3, 2020)