Forex strategy strong in range market

The range market is also said to be a box price and refers to the price that goes back and forth between the upper limit and the lower limit of the range of the exchange rate to some extent. The chart looks like a wavy chart on the top and bottom.

On the other hand, the trend market is where exchange rates move in one direction.

Although it is easier for the trend market to aim for a big profit, it is said that 70% of the Forex market is the range price.

Why are there too many range markets?

Why are there too many range markets?

There are reasons why 70% of Forex will become range market.

Forex market is huge and id investors from all over the world will join in order to participate to move the market to a unilateral direction, a large amount of funds are needed, Since investors who both sell and buy participate from all over the world, it is difficult to move to either. Also, since the profit tends to rise more easily in the trend market than in the range market, there are many investors who do not participate when it is in the range market, once the range market is formed, it is easy to maintain the state as it is . Furthermore, the range market is more convenient for the major funds, sometimes interfering with becoming a trend market.

For these reasons, Forex is prone to be range market, whether how to make profit is determined by capturing the range market. Especially for individual investors, most often there is not enough funds to target long-term trends, so they will aim for a further range market.

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Strategy for range markets

The strategy that corresponds to the range market is a type that increases profits diligently. Because the width of the range is absolutely limited, it is difficult to target a large profit at once, so it will gradually build up profits.

First of all, there is an upper limit and a lower limit in the range market, so draw a line there. The upper limit line and the lower limit line become the standard of dealings.

For example, if the range of the upper limit and the lower limit is 80 something, it will be profitable if profits are obtained by half as much as 40 yen at most, Even in the strategy it is not a logic that aims at 80 coins full length of range.

This is because the price does not necessarily move to the upper limit or the lower limit at the range market.

Also, it is also important not to forcibly hold a position when the market is wandering near the upper limit or the lower limit, the range width is not always a constant interval, it is often narrow little by little, so when it gets narrower end the transaction at a certain stage.

Then wait for the next range market.

In order to win in the range market

In order to win in the range market

From the above, do not target up to the upper limit or the lower limit in the range market, and make a profit diligently. Finish the trade when the range width becomes narrower and wait for the next range market.

As for the strategy corresponding to the range market, when you look at the transaction result, you can see that it is frequently reasonable. You will also know that trading is doing many times with similar exchange rates. In addition, the number of trading frequency is also a feature of such a strategy.

If these features are seen in the strategy, it is range market correspondence, furthermore if the sales performance is good, the strategy is strong against the range market.

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