Forex automatic trading software (EA) for XAUUSD (gold / US dollar)

XAU/USD is a currency pair that buys and sells Gold and US Dollar.

Although different with the other regular currency pairs, but it can be traded in Forex in the same way. However, the little difference with Forex is in the margin trading of gold, it refers to over-the-counter precious metal margin trading. Other pairs include XAU/JPY and XAU/EUR.

Gold market is prone to unilateral trend direction trend so it is easy to aim profit. You may not be familiar with XAU / USD, but the corresponding EA are surprisingly numerous.

Since trend occurs in the market, there are also EA that only have buying positions. It is also possible to steadily double the funds using such EA.

The price movement is intense

The price movement is intense

Gold is a little different with regular currency pairs. For example, if the chart becomes from 1700.00 to 1701.00, it means it moved 10 pips. If it becomes from 1700.00 to 1800.00, it moved 1,000 pips. If 1 pips move in 1lot, a profit of $10. Although the standard is somewhat like this, it may be different depending on the price range of the broker. Also, a slip greatly occurs to some of the traders. Although it’s easy to aim big profit even with small amount of fund, it’s huge if that part becomes loss.

If you look at the chart of the past 10 years, the lowest price in 2008 is 717.30; the highest price in 2011 is 1,827.25. It declines up to 1,200.00 from there and goes back and forth in that price. Although a few thousand pips are moving, even the movement of about 100 pips once in a day is not uncommon.

It’s easy to aim big profit in gold in the short term.

However, there are cases that the fund may be blown off once depending on the movement of the market. Among the EAs corresponding to gold that appear in the market, there were also EA that collapsed the account fund in the forward of the formula. Anyway, since the gold price movement is intense, it moves at once when the market reversed.

Since it formed a rising trend until 2013, there were also an EA that run it as a premise. Nowadays, the range market are being formed, we don’t know whether it will be downward trend or an upward trend in the future.

If you are to use the EA, it does not matter whether you use the EA logic of short-term trade or long-term trade. Since the price movement is intense, for those who aim the profit in a short-period from that market, it’s highly recommended. However, since the trend is prone to change, try to review and change the parameter on a regular basis such as every three months, it is better to adapt the prevailing market environment. For those who want to safely and carefully increase the assets, it is safer to use other currency pairs.

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