About the time difference with Japan you should pay attention.

T4 is a platform for Forex trading developed in Russia and is used in various countries around the world. Although it is made overseas, since MT4 for Japanese is also released, it is also possible for Japanese to open an account at Forex company that supports MT 4 and trade.

A tool that has gained high support not only from beginners but also from advanced users because it deals on the interbank market and can carry out Forex trading with high transparency and customization by freely incorporating the indicator.

A lot of EA necessary for automatic trading are also released for free, so it can be used after making a back test and checking the reliability, and you can do Forex trading by incorporating your own EA. Since the application of the smartphone is available, it is also attractive to trade while watching the chart not only at home but also on the go.

Bad effect of time difference caused by the use of platform common to foreign countries

Bad effect of time difference caused by the use of platform common to foreign countries

The time adopted by MT 4 differs depending on the Forex company that is establishing an account. Although the short time axis have little influence to traders, but when considering trade on a long time axis like a daily stick, it will be affected.

If you are dealing in a Forex company whose Japan time is set by default, a new chart will be created when you go around the middle of the night. Since Forex is based on NY Close, it is desirable that the daily leg starts at 7 o'clock.

Furthermore, there is a possibility that it may not be able to fully demonstrate its effect when Forex trading is done using EA of daily stick due to the time difference. Platform that can be used commonly in the world like MT4 must consider the deviation of time axis.

When not in Japan time by default

Even if you are planning to open an account in an overseas Forex company and trade on MT4, the server where the country’s time located may be at a default. In this case, by incorporating an indicator that allows you to change the display time of the chart to Japanese, you can adjust it to Japan time and trade.

Be careful about daylight savings time

When using overseas servers with MT4, be careful about daylight saving time. The United States introduced daylight saving time, there is a gap of about one hour in our life cycle in winter and summer.

Even if it is adjusted to Japan time by using the indicator, if you do not resolve the 1 hour gap during summer time, it will be traded deviated by 1 hour. In some cases it will be necessary to adjust the time of MT 4 at the timing when summer time starts. If you forget this, EA cannot fully demonstrate its original power. Of course, even if EA back test is done, it may not be able to be tested with accurate time, so the reliability of the result becomes low. It takes time to periodically review and it may cause errors.

How to check if the time error is adjusted

Even if you incorporate an indicator into MT 4 and change it to Japan time, you may be wondering if it is actually improved. You can evaluate how to check for time difference improvement by checking the chart at the time of announcing the indicator.

Since the rate is always up and down when it is in a normal state, it is difficult to grasp what kind of factors the rate fluctuates. Therefore, it is actually difficult to confirm errors only by price movements. However, as with the announcement when you see the price movements of the chart according to the timing when the rate moves drastically, if the rate is moving at the timing when the index was announced, it can be said that the time adjustment is appropriate.

Although the occurrence of time error is one of the weaknesses, you can overcome it by making good use of the indicator made by the creator. Even if you incorporate high-performance EA and do automated trading, there is no point when there is an error in time. Let's consider time adjustment as utilizing MT 4, after establishing an account and checking the time after installation.

Overseas Forex companies with well-support Japanese have easy to understand time display

Bad effect of time difference caused by the use of platform common to foreign countries

There are not so many domestic dealers handling MT 4, so there are not a few traders who use overseas Forex companies. For overseas Forex interbank trading is possible and no leverage limitation. There is an attraction other than dealing using MT4.

Because there are many Japanese who open accounts at overseas Forex companies, Japanese support and web pages are optimized for Japanese depending on overseas Forex company, so it’s convenient for Japanese traders. The trading time is also displayed in an easy-to-understand manner in those companies. GEMFOREX also, which is full of support for Japanese people, the time displayed can be adjusted in Japan time. You can start trading on MT4 with confidence while taking full advantage of the overseas Forex company.

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