FX MT4 usage course for overseas FX beginners explained by GEMFOREX

For those who are using or started using Forex trading, you may have heard of "MT4". What is this MT4 like? The official name of MT4 is "MetaTrader 4". it’s a software for trading in Forex. MT4 has an established reputation of convenient to use. Most overseas Forex companies adopt this MT4 platform. It is not an exaggeration to say that Forex trading will not be possible if you don’t know how to use MT4. However, giving up will be like giving up the big and unique advantage of overseas Forex and will be a big waste.

So, here at GEMFOREX, I would like to explain how to use MT4 for the first time for overseas Forex beginners. Starting from how to install MT4, how to login, MT4 chart display and functions, MT4 ordering and settlement procedure, and others. If you have any trouble on using MT4 and things that you do not know, manuals and various pages are prepared. Those who do not understand how to use MT4, check out first the pages, they are all explained in a simple way.

MetaTrader 4 (MT 4) is a trading platform of Forex developed by Russia's MetaQuotes company, but it can also be used in Japanese. In addition, MT4 is supported and used by a wide range of traders in the world from Forex beginners to advanced users, traders can use it by downloading free from the website of the Forex company you use.

Features and Benefits of MT4

Since MT4 is light in operation and super high performance, many Forex companies adopt it both domestically and internationally. Also, since MT4 is used by many Forex brokers / traders, it has many advantages.

You can display real time charts and technical analysis of various standards, you can use automatic trading system called EA as well as ordinary discretion trades, and original indicator can be used. EA and indicator are published free of charge, but if it’s programmed, it can create it’s our own technical index, verify by back test, and also can do automatic trading according to that rule.

As long as it can be judged by programming, you can set up any incorporated conditions, so you can include rules of your own system trade. It is also a great appeal of MT4 that you can strengthen into the original platform, taking into consideration the analysis and own trading style and strategy, such as letting you buy and sell automatically, or display the signal on the chart.

MT4 is used by many traders and Forex brokers as described above, but it might be difficult if you do not remember how to use MT4, and there are not few Forex beginners who actually get frustrated even before Forex trading. However, once you get used to it, MT4 is an easy-to-use Forex platform, there’s no doubt that you will maximize your Forex trading life. In GEMFOREX, there are a lot of contents and pages that even beginners of Forex can understand such as usage manuals and of course, how to use. Solve your doubts and usage here, and make full use of MT4.

Traders can use it by downloading free from the website of Forex company they use. Moreover, because it is ultra high performance, many Forex companies adopt it both domestic and overseas. However, if you don’t memorize how to use MT4, you might sense difficulty, and for Forex beginners, there are also a few people who are frustrated before actual Forex trading. However, once you get used to it, MT4 is a simple and easy-to-use Forex platform, so there is no doubt it will maximize your Forex trading life.

Those who opened GEMFOREX account, please check here to understand how to use MT4.
GEMFOREX has various MT4 usage manuals here. Also available (MT4 installation method, MT4 login method, MT4 chart display and function, MT4 ordering · Settlement procedure).

How to use MT4 video (basic version)

In addition, for users of smartphone MT4 application,
For iphone, MT4 login method, MT4 chart display and function, MT4 ordering and settlement procedures,
For Android, MT4 login method for Android, MT4 chart display and function, MT4 ordering · Settlement procedure.

By all means, please refer to various MT4 usage manual and consider the GEMFOREX account.

How to use MT4 video (iphone version)

How to use MT4 video (Android version)

We tried to pick up articles often read related to MT4 usage

The fastest way to learn how to use the MT4 is to actually use it

There are many super Forex beginners who said, it is good that I started Forex, "but I don’t know how to use MT4 ...", In order to use MT4, first install the MT4 on a PC or tablet, start and use it immediately. MT4 displays charts, buys and sells and everything essential to trade in Forex is complete. At first it may be confusing because you don’t know how to use, but it’s okay once you get use to it.

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I don’t know how to view the MT4 chart · · ·

I tried installing MT4 to know how to use it but I don’t know how to view the chart. In the default state when MT4 is activated, several charts are displayed, normally you will close all of them and display the chart you want to use and start doing the trade. There are various ways of viewing and using MT4's chart, so I will introduce them here.

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What to do if MT 4 is not running

I just started Forex and I have not mastered MT4's usage, there are times when "MT4 that I installed does not work". If it don’t work, since the cause is not specifically stated, so it is okay if you check some points. In some cases it is a simple mistake, for simple reasons like the server is down or not connected to the server, please rest assured that it will be settled as soon as you deal with it calmly.

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Introducing convenient usage of MT4

MT4 is a very useful platform for doing Forex. As you become accustomed to how to use MT4, you’ll learn to use various conveniences. We recommend you to customize MT4 to your own specification. By making into your own specification is the first step in mastering Forex. Aiming when the market is closed, how about trying get accustomed to MT4? EA verification is also one.

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