VPS can be divided into 3 types

VPS is essential for automatic trading using MT4. Since EA stops when you end MT4, VPS that can be operated for 24 hours is essential.

If you do the same thing on your home computer, you will not be able to shut down your computer. Because there are many risks, using MT4 on VPS for automatic trading is popular.

However, there are three types of VPS, so you need to choose carefully when you trade. If you are planning to use MT 4 on VPS in the future, understand first the differences before making a choice.

Shared server VPS

Shared server VPS

Many domestic VPS are provided by rental server vendors. Among them, the most popular one is the shared server VPS. VPS sharing one server with multiple users, the best in cost performance. For cheap VPS, you can use at around 1,000 yen a month, so it would be ideal for those who want to keep costs down or for those who have known VPS for the first time.

On the other hand, the specifications are low and it is not suitable for running multiple MT4s. As you have to transfer to the premium plan, cost increases that ends to bottleneck.

Also, since the server is installed in Japan, caution is required when using overseas Forex account. Lags and slippage are likely to occur by communication between domestic and overseas.

VPS exclusive server

The one that can use one server by one person is an exclusive VPS server. A shared server shares resources with multiple people, but because exclusive servers can be monopolized, it is suitable for those who want to run multiple MT4 without worrying about the cost. Many high-performance VPS is also available, MT4 will operate comfortably.

However, the monthly fee of an exclusive server is quite expensive and may cost tens of thousands of yen every month which is not suitable for those who want to keep low. And depending on the profit / loss of automatic trading, there is a high risk that the balance will become negative. Since the server is located in the country, there is a risk that slippage occurs.

Exclusive servers with low prices are generally low in specifications. Servers like these are not uncommon where only one MT4 can be operated. Because of the large cost bottleneck, it is considered not very suitable for automatic trading.

Forex Broker’s VPS

Forex Broker’s VPS

The third is a special VPS provided by Forex brokers. Although this type is sharing one server by multiple people, but it is often optimized for MT4, so no need for troublesome settings. Due to its high stability, it can be said that it is the direction to challenge automatic trading for the first time.

There are free VPS provided depending on a broker, and there are also charged. However, because it is several thousand yen a month, the cost can be kept down compared with an exclusive server. There are Forex brokers that can be used free of charge if certain conditions are satisfied, so if you actively trade, you should check the conditions and choose.

Paid VPS has higher specifications and is suitable for those who want to operate multiple EAs. Overseas Forex dealer’s servers are also located overseas, so the point of high contract power is considered an advantage.

Which one should you choose for automatic trading?

If you are going to trade automatically using VPS, it is a good idea to choose VPS from Forex brokers.

In particular, VPS of overseas dealers is recommended. MT4 is a major trading tool abroad. There are a lot of overseas Forex traders corresponding to MT4, and it is not unusual to provide exclusive VPS. If you want to control costs and realize stable trading, it is even better to say there is no option other than VPS of overseas Forex brokers.

However, charges and specifications of VPS of overseas brokers vary. If you avoid slippage, you must also consider agreement. Before opening an account, let's check the presence or absence of VPS and specifications and see the user's reputation to see the contracting power of the trader. In particular, specs and agreement will affect profit and loss, so I recommend you to check carefully.