Try to operate the MT4 of the VPS from the smartphone by remote!

I would really like for Forex traders to know the attractiveness of VPS. And for those first time in Forex, EA automatic trading and those who are considering MT4. Although difficult terms may be lined up, please try to create an environment where Forex, MT4, EA, and VPS to create a satisfying Forex trade environment for you.

Now that smartphones are prevalent to this extent, somehow we would like to effectively incorporate them into Forex. However, it seems that there were many people who have limited Forex trading to PCs so far.

The real reason you want to start VPS right now

The real reason you want to start VPS right now

In other words, VPS is a method that you can use instead of your own personal computer. MT4 can be installed freely, and you can freely trade EA. VPS means PC on the Internet. Since it is a PC on the Internet, you can access it from a smartphone, iPhone or Android. There are a lot of people using smartphones in buses and trains. By using VPS, you can see the same thing you always watch from smartphones.

If VPS is effective for EA and not for discretionary, people who know Forex for a while may not be aware of it, but VPS seems not to be like that. I think that we also want discretionary people to fully utilize VPS.

Actually, there is MT4 for the iPhone. However, there seems to be an unsatisfactory feeling for people using personal computers, there are some people who dislike it unless they see the charts they normally see. If you can see the home PC as it is on a smartphone, there really is a big advantage here. You can be confident to absolutely win Forex.

If it is a personal computer, it means that you cannot view unless you are at home, but for VPS you can access from anywhere as long as the internet environment is in place. You can actually watch lines and drawings or graphics on MT 4 by smartphone through VPS.

To stop EA operation even on the go

Smartphone remote is also effective when you want to stop EA operation even when you are out. Start by downloading the remote connection application. There are quite a few who get lost here. If it says RDP or remote disk top, it is OK on the remote disk top and there is no need for a special installation on the VPS side. For TeamViewer or VNC, software is required for each.

If I talk about Remote RDP on Android (iPhone is the same), Remote RDP Lite has the advantage of free application, it is possible to register multiple connection destinations, and has Japanese support. When Remote RDP Lite is working, it is crispy and pleasant, with an anticipation of Forex possibilities.

Remote RDP Lite also costs some money, but if it is only for MT 4, most of them are free. Let's search Remote RDP Lite with "Remote RDP" in the Play store.

Set Remote RDP Lite

Set Remote RDP Lite

Now, set the RemoteRDP Lite first. Open the screen by tapping RemoteRDP Lite.

Even if RemoteRDP Lite is a free version, it can have multiple VPS and usable enough. Tap the "+" of red circle. You can see the next new screen by tapping "+" in red circle. It may be a little troublesome, but it is not something you cannot do and if you go along by the steps, it is not really a difficult problem at all.

For the host, enter the VPS IP address. The user is the account name and the default is Administrator. However, I think that it is better to change it as a security problem, so let me introduce a bit about that method.

To be honest, the Administrator is the target of the attack. Open "Administrative tool (change to small icon)" of "Control Panel" → "Local security policy" → "Local policy" → "Security options" → "Account: Change Administrator account name". From here you can change the Administrator. Since we will make changes for security issues, please be ready with 12 characters or more.

If you enter the password here, you do not need to input every time, but it seems necessary to think about security.

For example, the resolution is 1280 × 1024. The setting similar to the remote desktop of a personal computer is fine.

Select (ja) for Japanese, (JP) Japan for keyboard.

The name can be used as it is.

How should I use Remote RDP Lite?

Those who felt that setting up is a bother think that RemoteRDP Lite usage is easy enough that you won’t need any explanation.

If you select VPS and enter your password from the top screen of RemoteRDP Lite, you can see the VPS screen in your smartphone. This is the only explanation. VPS is in full operation, free for you to turn on and off.

Recommended VPS if you want EA automatic trading on smartphone

By using VPS, you can dramatically increase the merit of EA on MT4.

If it’s VPS, you can also use smartphone effectively. However, not all VPS is good, it is necessary to be aware of VPS specifications and stability issues, as well smartphone environment.

Sometimes it seems like smartphones is inevitably harder to operate than a personal computer. Therefore, it is important to be aware of the how to operate smartphones beyond the ways to operate a personal computer. If you are irritated with the operation, you cannot definitely perform Forex smoothly.

Because of the high level of operation of VPS, some people choose the name .com Desktop Cloud for Forex. We are also preparing our original app for smartphones. Some people use OANDA Japan. In terms of spread narrowness, it is evaluated among the MT4 traders as there’s something missing. It has a pretty good-reputation as to contract power and handling currency pairs.

Furthermore, there are companies that can recommend MT4 such as Rakuten Securities (formerly FXCM Japan Securities). Rakuten Securities is said to be enrich with overwhelming trade environment among MT4 Forex traders. The NDD model is adopted here realizing high contracting power, transparency and fairness. OANDA Japan and Minano system trade is also recommended. It is also important to turn your eyes to the comprehensive power of the trading environment and to make a firm comparison, consider the cost before making a choice. In addition, there are Forex companies that provide free VPS overseas.