Three reasons to start VPS now

VPS, Virtual Private Server is a server with functions equivalent to a virtual exclusive server.

MT4 is absolutely necessary in EA automatic trading. MT4 is also possible on Windows OS, LINUX and Android, but if you leave it running for 365 days, 24 hours a day, it will leave an uneasy element. But if you stop it, EA trading will stop, so many people are paying attention to VPS.

However, there are still things you do not understand about VPS. First of all, in order to do EA smoothly, I also want you to firmly and correctly understand VPS. What the smartphone users, those who are saying absolutely MT4, automatic traders and others need to know is the VPS know-how.

First, I would like to talk about VPS from the point of view of a beginner. But most of all, you can expect that VPS can be a substitute of your computer. Furthermore, you can freely operate EA, install MT4 and add MT4 indicator.

VPS has a nuance of the computer you have in the internet. The PC is in the internet, it can be freely browsed on a smartphone, iPhone, Android, even iPad, and can be freely operated. The level to win when you want to do Forex can be dramatically upgraded by VPS. Because it uses VPS, MT4 can always perform stable operation for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Of course EA is an indispensable item.

There are still attractions in VPS. It is recommended item for those who want to see the chart in multiple PCs, VPS is also recommended for people who want to operate secretly.

1st reason why I really recommend VPS

1st reason why I really recommend VPS

There are still many people who do not understand VPS. It may be somewhat a bother to introduce VPS.

Some people would say there are so many terms they don’t understand, Forex, EA, MT4, and now VPS? However, although it is a fact that it is something to learn about, but VPS itself is very simple, so I’m definitely sure it would be a loss not to be aware of it. It will take about 30 minutes to reach MT4. With the motivation to postpone the VPS, you may lose sight of opportunities to interact with VPS forever. If you are interested in VPS, now is the time.

VPS is for EA, but VPS is actually a useful way for discretionary traders.

And it is for smartphone users that can demonstrate greater merit. For smartphones, for example, there is also an MT4 application for iPhone. However, it is still a reality that smartphone applications have not reached the level of personal computer. And most of all, you would like to use the chart you have been using all the time even on smartphones, so it is a great advantage that those charts are normally viewed by using VPS.

Rather than dozens of technical indicators, the line to win is a line drawn by yourself and should be conscious of such a line when saying whether the line drawn yesterday broke. Ideally, when looking at a smartphone to see a line you draw, a chart similar to a personal computer can be seen. Of course, that is what VPS can do.

Perhaps there are people who do not know yet, but the most obvious way to explain VPS is the PC in the Internet. It is not a personal computer at home or in the company, but inside the Internet, it is a way that you can browse anytime anywhere, once the Internet environment is set.

VPS is said to be the best combination, especially with iPad. MT4 should absolutely use VPS.

Smartphones are sometimes inconvenient because the screen is small. iPad is completely different from smartphones, and if the iPad is connected to Wi-Fi , MT4 in VPS, you can create an environment that is almost the same from home.

In addition, I recommend VPS for Mac users. In the world of Forex, most people use Windows, so it seems that Mac was not a bit standpoint. For Mac users, there may have been reluctant transactions with browser versions with limited functions and there seems to be many people who stopped using Mac in the past.

However, I can greatly mention the advantages of VPS. VPS is a way to easily procure Windows systems even for Mac users as well.

2nd reason why I really recommend VPS

If you aim for a core trader a little, is common to be aware of MT 4.

MT4 has considerable high level as a chart tool. And has the ability to cope with system trade. It is the automatic trading, if once set based on some technical indicators, the program is an automatic trading method without any emotions coming in. You may get rich by running EA on MT4 without even knowing it. What must be noted in EA is an automated trading program that can be operated on MT4. If you what to use EA in MT4, what is necessary for automatic trading is the VPS.

VPS is better for automatic trading, instead of using a PC at home. In the first place, currency is something that keeps moving for 24 hours except on weekends. Therefore, in order to automatically trade on MT4, you need to set EA and keep MT4 running all the time. I already talked about this, but VPS is absolutely strong for 24-hour operation.

3rd reason why I really recommend VPS

Some people think that it is ideal because fee is cheap like a shared server and exclusive server, administrator privileges are granted, and there are those who think that freely installing software is ideal. As expected, when thinking about a convenient thing, I think you can understand what I am trying to say, here is the VPS.

It is also correct to say that VPS is a shared server. However, since it is a shared server but has a special setting, it can be used virtually as an exclusive server. Users have firm root privilege. Installation of software is free, with a huge advantage of cheap price. When you want to operate an EA in MT4, VPS is after all an indispensable existence. VPS is an exclusive server, also a shared server, it may be an item that took all the good points of the exclusive server and shared server.

Currently, various companies are offering VPS. The point of selection of VPS is stability, lightness, fee, and can be handled easily. Introduce VPS, that VPS will be an obstacle thing is absolutely an unbecoming behavior.