Optimum VPS Course to operate EA on MT 4

If you are thinking about automatic trading of Forex, the most important thing is the trade environment, the stability of the server. In your own PC environment, if you stop by machine trouble or server trouble etc, it will be impossible to trade for a while and you may lose valuable opportunities. Also, in order to run automatic trading software (EA) for 24 hours, the method using VPS is the most risk free, so you can trade comfortably. And in many cases also excellent from the viewpoint of cost performance.

However, in order to install and operate MT 4 with VPS, several procedures are required. There are many people who are frustrated because they are not good at PCs, or a troublesome work for Forex beginners. If you subscribe to GEMFOREX 's VPS free service, it will be provided after you have installed MT 4 in VPS, so there is no hassle to install. I would like to show you here the basic knowledge of VPS that is best suited for automatic trading software (EA) that runs on MT 4.

What is VPS in the first place?

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server which means "virtual exclusive server". It is the same as a shared server shared with multiple users, but VPS can virtually use the same degree of freedom and performance as an exclusive server, and it can be a service that a private virtual desktop.

If you do automatic trading with EA, MT 4 is absolutely becomes necessary and this MT 4 can be run on Windows OS, LINUX and Android. However, since you must operate 24 hours a day while you are trading on a PC or tablet, you have to leave the power of PCs and so on. However, when the home PC or tablet is left unattended 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, there is an uneasy feeling such as at times of fire and power outage. If it stops due to unforeseen circumstances, thus automatic trading of EA stops, there is a danger that loss will come out that may influence the funds. At times like that, there is VPS. Install MT4 in the VPS and run EA on that MT4. With VPS, you can operate automatic trading (EA) even when the power is turned off, with an advantage that it is hard to be affected by unexpected situations.

Moreover, you can concentrate on trading without being burdened with cost with regards to exhaustion of PC and electricity bills. In Forex trading, if you use automatic trading (EA), VPS is essential. This is not an overstatement.

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Advantages and disadvantages of VPS for running Automatic Trading software (EA) on MT 4

VPS is an ideal environment if you use EA in Forex trading. Although VPS looks good as it is, there are disadvantages. If you don’t know the disadvantage of VPS when running EA, you cannot skillfully use VPS.

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How to choose VPS to operate Automatic Trading software (EA) on MT4

There are many companies offering MT4 VPS in Japan and abroad, but each has their own characteristics. In addition to the price, it is a good idea to select the best VPS by looking at server specifications. However, for those who use VPS for the first time, they don’t know which one is good. I will show what and how to choose the VPS.

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How to use VPS to run Automatic Trading software (EA) on MT 4

In order to activate Automatic Trading software (EA) on MT4, when you sign up VPS, next connect and operate it remotely. Since it is meaningless unless you can use it, you have to set it so that it can be used. However, if you contract a Windows OS, it is not too difficult, if you connect using an account, preparation is complete. Since it can be used conveniently, even a beginner can use it without trouble.

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