GEMFOREX MT4/MT5 (MetaTrader4/5) VPS free service

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server which means "virtual exclusive server".

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server which means "virtual exclusive server". It is the same as a shared server shared with multiple users, but VPS can virtually use the same degree of freedom and performance as an exclusive server, and it can be a service that a private virtual desktop.

Many Forex companies have adopted a platform called MetaTrader4/5 (MT4/MT5), install this MT4/MT5 on PCs and smartphones and Forex trading is performed through MT4/MT5. There is no particular problem when doing a discretionary trade, but when using Forex automatic trading software (EA), since it is necessary to always keep MT4/MT5 running, you have to keep the PC running for 24 hours. For stable operation of automatic trading on MT4/MT5 for 24 hours, it becomes necessary to make the home PC high spec, and also consider the line speed.

In addition, there are other factors such as exhaustion of PC, electricity cost due to operation, fire such as leaving the power supply on. Problems may arise as an actual environment, and when such sudden trouble occurs, the trading itself stopped, which can result in a large loss, so it is never a good environment to trade.

That is why many Forex system traders use VPS and install MT4/MT5 on VPS and run it. By doing, so you can trade with automatic trading software (EA) at any time 24 hours a day. A machine never misses. If you install MT4/MT5, if you can log in to VPS in the Internet environment, you can experience wide use such as check transactions and make new settings. VPS is perfect for EA operation of MT4/MT5 which keeps running 24 hours a day.

GEMFOREX offers original MT4/MT5 free VPS service to support Forex system traders.

GEMFOREX MT4/MT5 (MetaTrader4/5) VPS free service details


Minimum account balance 5,000 USD or more

※ Bonus amount is not included.
※ When using VPS free service, we will sum up other trading accounts registered with the same mail address and calculate.
(The balance of the Mirror Trade and MAM accounts are not included.)
※ The Terms of Use of this service is processed at 12:00 on the 6th of every month (or the next business day if it is a non-business day).
※ Customers who do not meet the above conditions can apply GemForex MT4/MT5 VPS service at a monthly fee of $ 28. The fee is automatically withdrawn from the MT4/MT5 account on the first business day of every month.

VPS spec

OS Windows2012
CPU Core 2.4GHz
Memory 1GB
Number of installable MT4/MT5 One of them


VPS support will be provided directly from VPS provider MERRICK MIRROR HOLDINGS, INC.

How to apply

Upon agreeing to the Terms of Use, you can apply VPS service for free at any time from My Page.


Is it free all the way not just during trial period?
Our MT4/MT5 VPS service can be used free of charge without expiration. Please check the terms of use and apply.
When it falls below the minimum account balance, what is the timing to be charged?
The timing when our MT4/MT5 VPS service is processed from free to charged is at 12 o'clock on the 6th day of every month (the next business day if it is a non-business day), and it will be automatically deducted from the MT4/MT5 account on the first business day of the following month.
Is free VPS exclusively for Forex? Can I use it for other services?
Not exclusively for Forex. Since it can be used in all the products our company offers. To be exact, please consider it as exclusive for MT5.
Is it overseas VPS service or a domestic VPS service?
It is a VPS service for MT4/MT5 overseas server.
What language is the VPS support?
VPS support will be provided in English from the VPS provider MERRICK MIRROR HOLDINGS, INC.
Is it also available for MAC user?
Our VPS service is also available on Mac. Recommended to Mac users using VPS.
Is there a difference in performance compared to a charged VPS?
There is no difference from charged one. It’s a free service that we offer to customers who uses our company. There is no such thing as being inferior to the paid MT5 VPS service.
Can I access the VPS from my smartphone?
It is accessible.
Can I install multiple MT4/MT5?
Up to one MT4/MT5 can be installed for the VPS provided by our company.
Do I need to install virus software on VPS?
There is no need to install virus software in VPS.