About GEMFOREX MT5 (MetaTrader 5) For MAC

The MT5 (MetaTrader 5) for MAC provided by GEMFOREX has a lot of convenience that is not comparable to other Forex companies. Also, the MT5 installation method and basic usage for MAC are carefully explained so that even Forex beginners can very well understand and use. Forex beginners and advanced users should try to use GEMFOREX MT5 (MetaTrader 5)!

Basic usage and how to install MT5 (MetaTrader 5) for MAC

GEMFOREX provides basic instructions on how to install and use MT5 (MetaTrader 5) for FX beginners and those who are not good at operating a PC. Therefore, if you are considering using overseas FX brokers for the first time, you can use GEMFOREX easily and with peace of mind.

Use Procedure, Manual

MT5 Installation Instructions
  1. Please download the software installer from the following link.


    After the download is complete, the following setup icon will appear in the download section.

  2. Click the setup icon, and then drag (copy) the MT5 application to the application folder on your PC.

  3. When the MT5 application icon appears in the application folder, the installation is complete.

    *When you start MT5, the following screen may appear in some cases.

    In this case, please click on the application icon while holding down the Control key, and select "Open" from the shortcut menu to start MT5.
    If the following message is displayed at the time of startup, please start MT5 by selecting "Open".

How to log in
  1. Start MT5 and select a broker first.

    Select "GemTrade Co., Ltd." and click "Next (N)".

  2. The page for opening an account will be displayed.

    Please select "Connect with existing TRADE account" and login.

    *Please check necessary information regarding login and password via "My Account" or the email you received when you opened your account.
    *If you have not yet opened a trading account, please do so before proceeding.

    *Please select "GemTradeCo-Live" as the server.

  3. After logging in, if you see a number in the lower right corner of the MT5 window and it is working, your login is complete.

  4. If you cannot find the currency pair you are looking for, please click on the icon below and the available pairs will be displayed.

To display the chart
  1. Click the following icon in the upper menu of the trading window.

  2. Select the currency in which you want to display the chart.

  3. When the currency pair you selected is displayed on the chart, the display is complete.

  4. Multiple charts can be displayed.

    When multiple charts are displayed, you can make your preferred placement settings from "Window" in the upper menu.

*There are many more functions available, so try them out for yourself.

How to place and settle orders

How to place an order

  1. Double-click on the currency pair you wish to buy or sell from the "Quote" in the upper left corner of the chart on the trading window. The Order page will appear.

  2. Make sure that the " Currency " is the currency pair you just selected.

    (You can also click the arrow to re-select the currency pair.)

    Select the order method from "Type".
    *Countdown Order = Market Order

    In the "Quantity" field, enter the number of lots corresponding to the position you wish to hold.

    *Regarding the order quantity (number of lots ordered)
    ◆0.01LOT = 1,000 currency ◆0.10LOT = 10,000 currency ◆1.00LOT = 100,000 currency
    Maximum and minimum order limits vary by FX broker.

    You can select either FOK (Full Order Execution or Full Order Cancellation) or IOC (Order to cancel open positions at partial order execution). FOK is selected by default in the order page.

    After confirming the price, tap the “BUY” button to hold the buy position, or the “SELL” button to hold the sell position.

  3. If the currency is displayed in the "Trade" column at the bottom of the trading window, the order has been completed without any problems.

Settlement method

  1. The positions currently held are displayed in the "Transactions" column at the bottom of the trading window.

    Right-click on the position you wish to close and select "CLOSE POSITION" from the menu to display the position details.

  2. Please check the status on the detail page.

    Click on "Close by Market " to complete the settlement process.

  3. Select "Account History" (tab) at the bottom of the trading window.

    If the position is displayed in the "Account History" list, the settlement has been completed.

Recommended environment for MAC MT5 operation

  • Mac OS Big Sur and older version.

Also supports the following platforms

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