Struggles of EA portfolio composition for overseas Forex beginners

I am Kitagawa, a new employee who joined GEMFOREX in January 2017. Since I could speak English, I wanted to join a foreign-affiliated venture company, I found a job advertisement for GEMFOREX, I was interviewed at the office of Vietnam Ho Chi Minh and I am going to join as a new employee in FY 2017. However, since I am completely novice with respect to Forex, I have to study and acquire knowledge.

So, in order to become more familiar with Forex, since it is best to actually make an account, touch MT4 and do real trading with real money, while actually using free EA provided by our company, the directive was issued "To optimize the EA portfolio with GEMFOREX MT4 in order to study Forex," and so the " How to incorporate EA portfolio Struggle Record of new recruit HIYOKO " started. With the same perspective as a beginner in the first overseas Forex, I would like to tell you how happy I am to be able to do business with you for a long time.

Is it possible even for a beginner in Forex to optimize MT4 free EA and create a portfolio?

It means a combination of advantageous diversified investment considering safety and profitability according to risk tolerance in order for investors to stabilize their own assets. Basically, in Forex automatic trading, we continue to operate high-performance EA over the long term, but if funds concentrate on one EA, even EA with a good profit factor sometimes makes unstable movement that will show results such as monthly. In order to stabilize earnings, it may be better to distribute EA better, and an EA not much influenced such as by exchange price movements is preferable.

In other words, portfolio optimization in EA is to combine EA that will follow points that cannot be covered with only one EA, continue to make profit and loss curve rising upward while thinking about balance that will compensate for loss as well, right?

You may think, "Why not just keep using EA with winning combination!" But it’s not what it seems. It seems that you cannot win with such a beginner's idea. It seems to be important to combine various logic including like the market follower, contrarian and currency pairs. Although it seems not easy to be straightforward, but I will do my best to be able to tell you the optimized combination of free EA portfolio that I can recommend to everyone with confidence. Please look forward to it.