White label Recruitment of GEMFOREX

GEM-TRADE Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as our Company) is aimed at the development of Forex industry. We decided to start providing White label, recruitment starts from May 1, 2015,
The advantages of GEMFOREX White label are

  • Can operate FX company with its own brand name
  • MetaTrader 4 (MT 4) system package provided
  • Initial cost Offering industry lowest price
  • Monthly running cost offering the lowest price in the industry
  • WEB site creation agency
  • WEB system production agency
  • English, Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese, Tagalog translation agency
  • Management consulting
  • Marketing consulting

We will continue to provide systems and know-how for long-term operation.

Procedure to start operation of GEMFOREX white label

  1. Step1:Contact our Company

    If you are interested in the GEMFOREX White label, please feel free to contact our company. Our department in charge staff will contact you within 3 working days.

    ※we do not accept new reception.

  2. Step2:Estimate

    Once we receive your inquiry, we will give an estimate after considering your company’s situation and ideas. This estimate will include initial cost and monthly running costs. In addition, we will also make suggestions after learning the situation of your company.

  3. Step3:Internal Inspection

    This will progress together with Step 2 simultaneously. We will perform an internal inspection to check if provision is possible. Although we cannot offer the service to everyone who wants it, we will review the company according to our standard. We will inform you of the results after five business days.

  4. Step4:Interview

    Although case by case, we conduct the interview before or after the Step 3, once before the agreement of the contract. The interview place is scheduled in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Shanghai, Taiwan, Singapore and Philippines. Please choose the place of your convenience. Otherwise we also conduct interviews through Skype. We offer three choices for date and time. Please choose from among them.

  5. Step5:The Contract

    If the uncertainties on both sides are cleared until step 4 and you want our company’s white label, we will enter into an agreement. Since we will exchange through post mailing, we will appreciate your quick response. In some cases, it is possible to make contract at the interview in Step 4.

  6. Step6:Deposit of Initial investment

    If the contract is completed, we will issue invoice for the initial cost. Please deposit to the specified account until the due date. Also, if you requested a separate preparations necessary for starting operation, we will also add that charge to the cost.

    Up to this point, it will be possible to proceed from one week up to 10 days at the earliest.

  7. Step7:System provision preparation

    To be able to operate as a White label, we prepare the MetaTrader 4 (MT 4) system package for your company White asking your wishes. Please make the necessary preparations for the operation, such as operational website.

  8. Step8:System Delivery

    We will deliver the system package MetaTrader (MT4) for your company

  9. Step9:Test Run

    We will perform test operation on your side. This will take the preparation to a state to be able to start White interacting with our company in detail.

  10. Step10:Start of the operation of the Forex company

    The Forex Company starts operation as our company’s White label.

    Up to this point, it will be possible to proceed as soon as possible within a month.

    The payment of monthly running cost is at the end of the month after the monthly closing. You can pay after the income was gained, so be confident in your White label operation.

※we do not accept new reception.