About the White Label of GEMFOREX

White Label is mainly about renting the system of MetaTrader4 (MT4) from a Forex company to handle the MetaTrader that will make it possible to provide the service like an operating Forex company by an original brand name.

As a matter of fact, you need substantial financial resources and human resources to manage an in-house FX company. I think that would be utterly impossible at all with funds of tens of millions of yen.

As mentioned above, the merit of white label is it can be managed under their own brand name, so you can make it look like you are running a genuine FX company in a side-by-side relationship with a major FX company.

If it is a white label it can be operated relatively easy

Unlike establishing a FX company from scratch, white labels will be prepared in packages from the parent FX companies, so if you have a certain amount of knowledge, you will be able to operate.

In other words, if there are several staff members who can exclusively remember, it will be manageable.

The idea is like an image of a subsidiary or a group company receiving system supply from the parent company.
However, since it can be operated without showing it on the surface at all, it is possible to operate a FX company as its own brand name.

There are many FX companies that are surprisingly managed like white labels.
There are many in Japan as well, and famous major FX companies are actually white labels, so you may be using it without knowing it.


Also, there may be people who think “GEM - TRADE Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "our company") is also “a white label somewhere.” But it’s genuine at our own expense. The MetaTrader 4 which we are adopting has a direct contract with the developer of MetaQuotes and not a white label because it is directly connected to the interbank.

We started with free service of FX automatic trading software (EA), then started offering Mirror Trade service, and we have increased our customers by placing emphasis on software aspect for about 5 years. From there we stepped up to the FX company which is the hardware aspect, so we managed to realize the operation of FX company on our own rather than white label.

In the future, we would like to help companies who want the white label and increase white label provided by our company. We would like to be of service to the development of FX industry.

If there are companies considering white labels, please check here,
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