The 16 Commitments of GEMFOREX

Founded in 2010, we started with offering free FX automated trading software (EA) service, and became a bridge between traders and various FX companies.

GEMFOREX is the result of our efforts to create the ideal FX company that we envisioned. If you are a newcomer to the Forex market and have been hesitant about the procedures and support, please take this opportunity to consider GEMFOREX.!

What are the main advantages of using GEMFOREX for traders?

You can use more than 150 EAs for free. All you have to do is open an account and you can download any EA you want at any time without any restrictions. We have created an environment that is good for discretionary traders, but we believe that system traders will be pleased with the environment.

17 August 2022 Why not open an account at GEMFOREX?

GEMFOREX Traders and Exchange 16 commitments

Commitment 1 We will protect your money

GEMFOREX promises to keep the same amount of the operating funds in segregated custody as the clients’ investment funds, and to protect them carefully as a precaution, so that you can enjoy your trading with peace of mind! Even if your margin balance goes negative, you will not be charged any additional fees.

Commitment 2 Declaration of not participating in low spread competition

GEMFOREX does not participate in the unrealistic low spread competition and aims for a comfortable balanced service! *Some restrictions apply to low-spread accounts but spreads as low as 0.0 pips on USDJPY are available.

Commitment 3 No hidden mark-ups

GEMFOREX strives for transparent accounting! We can assure you there are no hidden mark-ups or undisclosed additional transaction fees.

Commitment 4 No requote and contract refusal

GEMFOREX will not participate in the low spread competition and will banish requotes and execution rejections!

Commitment 5 99.79% Contract rate within 0.78 seconds

We realize the significance of execution rate in trading so it’s our top priority at GEMFOREX. We promise you the highest level of execution rate in the Forex industry.

Commitment 6 Account opening in 30 seconds

All you need to do to open an account with GEMFOREX is to fill out the account opening form! We support your desire to start trading immediately! GEMFOREX is easy to use even for beginners who are considering FX for the first time.

Commitment 7 Speedy start to trading

You can start trading at GEMFOREX right after opening an account, submitting the documents, and getting approval of required documents!
We support the beginners who desire to “want to start trading right away.”

Commitment 8 Submit necessary documents later

You can submit the required documents after opening your account! And start trading right after the approval.
GEMFOREX supports your desire to “want to start trading right away.”

Commitment 9 No investigation when you open an account

Although at GEMFOREX we don’t accept the clients under 18 years old, we do not perform background investigation. We want to increase mutual trust in our relationship.

Commitment 10 Fast deposit reflection!

Start trading in just 3 minutes after your deposit! We shortened the time for account update as much as possible. We support your desire to get started quickly!

Commitment 11 Quick withdrawal processing

GEMFOREX have segregated management of the same amount of funds as our customer’s operating funds, to perform quick and smooth withdrawal, it will be done directly from the same account.

Commitment 12 We strive to give fast support!

Depending on the nature of your inquiry, we promise to respond to you within 24 hours on weekdays, and we aim to provide the fastest support in the forex industry!

Commitment 13 We provide free automated Forex trading software

To be the best forex company for system traders, we promise to provide unlimited use of over 150 automated forex trading software (EA)!

Commitment 14 We also provide free Forex Copy trading

No need for a PC, MT4 or VPS. The copy trading service allows you to easily start and stop the operation at the touch of a button. We promise to provide a convenient service for beginners and busy people.

Commitment 15 We will continue to grow and develop!

GEMFOREX is committed to growing and developing as a company while growing as a person by listening to our traders, their opinions, requests, and complaints!

Commitment 16 GEMFOREX sticks to corporate philosophy

"Everything we do is to provide you with the best investment environment." With this corporate philosophy in mind, we are striving to achieve the highest standards in the FX industry to provide our customers with the ultimate investment services never seen before.