The brand owner of GEMFOREX is Gem Group Holdings LTD, and together with the group of GEMFOREX operators, GEMFOREX is expanding its services mainly in English-speaking countries and other countries/regions such as Japan, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Korea.

The company was initially established in 2010 by a group of Japanese traders as GemTrade and started with a free service of automated FX trading software (EA) (Gemtrade), followed by a mirror trading service (Gemde Mirror Trade). By operating these two services, we have always served as a bridge between traders and Forex Brokers.

Currently, four out of five members of the Brand Founders are still Japanese, and half of the staff is also Japanese. Therefore, it can be said that GEMFOREX is an FX company, of which the management, systems, services, and support are all made in Japan.

As a result of meticulous service under a Japanese style of management, we have been awarded the Best Broker Award for five consecutive years from 2016 to 2020 for our fast deposits and withdrawals, outstanding support, and excellent service.
*We have declined to accept the award for 2021 and beyond.
GEMFOREX will continue to value the opinions of our users and will always strive to be the best and the brightest.

The meaning of GEM in the dictionary is a Jewel (gem). Here, it’s the acronym for Global-Expansion-Method, which literally means “a method that will spread throughout the world” A company that provides a trading method that will spread worldwide. The company that aims to be the world’s largest investment portal.


GEMFOREX aims to provide simple service for Forex beginners worldwide. We offer a wide stream set of features from beginner to advanced users. Here’s why.

  • Almost 100% Contract rate
  • Low Spread accounts available
  • Account opening in 30 seconds
  • Free & unlimited use of EAs
  • Free & unlimited use of Mirror Trading
  • High level of leverage at 1000 times
  • Domestic settlement support
  • Equipped with many international staff
  • Fast support
  • Flexible response to customer’s voice
  • Fast deposit processing

We thought that it’s possible to respond to customer's demand from various perspectives. For beginners and advanced users of FX, we weighted the points that would make you happy. Those are safe materials for those considering Forex for the first time.

“The entire purpose is to deliver excellent investment environment”

Since we built this company with you from 2010, we would like to listen to “Customer’s voice”, we are considering providing services and creating a company that reflected customer’s opinions. GEMFOREX is a Forex company operated by such a company. Please tell us your opinions.

[The entire purpose is to deliver excellent investment environment]

With this corporate philosophy in the hearts of each team member in Gem-Trade, we endeavor every day to provide the customers with the ultimate investment service there ever was.