GemForex Inc - Above & Beyond Your Expectation

Our Team

William Ford, CEO & Founder, brings a strategic vision and in-depth knowledge of the Forex market and Stock trading with 18+ years of hands-on expertise with Global Go-To-Market initiatives.
Michael Gray brings an unrivalled expertise in Stock market and the Forex field gained over 15+ years of professional trading.
Luis Cervantes, head of Portfolio Management, brings with him a vast wealth of Stock trading, Forex and Cryptocurrencies experience.
Anish Batlaw, head of Financial Market Advisory, joined the company in 2008 with 12+ years of industry experience.
Alok Misra started his career at Gemforex Inc in May 2007 as the company’s consultant and later went on to become Co-Head of Portfolio Management in 2010.
Hilary Hoffman, head of Structured Investment Solutions, joined the company in 2009 with 8 years of industry experience.
Andy Smith has many years of hands-on experience in the fields of High Frequency Trading, Quantitative Modeling and Management of teams of Analysts.
Richard Miller joined Gemforex Inc in November 2008 as the Head of Global Research and Analysis.
Jenny Hall, head of Marketing and Public Relations, has 8 years of industry experience.