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About Us

About Us

GemForex Inc is an investment company uniting Stock trading, Forex market and Cryptocurrencies. Complex world of markets is our daily concern. Our mission is to help our clients work towards their financial goals. Years of successful development for money management in private section ensured us that we are ready to open our service to the whole world. Internet has become the most convenient and widespread communication source, that's why in view of responsibility we decided to bring our service via internet and attract investors online.

Our goal at GemForex Inc is to provide a comprehensive resource for our clients new to the market or with limited experience trading foreign currencies, or interested in Stock trading or Cryptocurrencies. What started out as a market for professionals is now attracting traders from all over the world, and of all experience levels and all because of online trading and investment.

Our company's most valuable asset is relationship between e-invests and its customers. We believe that our company must be based on trust, amicability, professionalism, excellent performance and openness.

Our Cultures and Values

Our values are not static. They guide everything we do, and how we do it. Our clients' needs are at the core of our entire decision making. We are always cognisant of the bigger picture and keep our responsibilities front of mind in everything that we do.

Our Mission

Our Vision is to be the leading investment company providing innovative and socially responsible solutions to meet our clients' needs, achieving superior returns for them.
  • To build a sustainable, profitable and socially responsible investment platform
  • To offer friendly and excellent customer service
  • Exceeding expectations is the oil to our engines. We are constantly challenging ourselves to ensure excellence for our clients
  • Take pride in what we do and take a collective, straightforward, and transparent approach to all activity